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Individual Business Coaching

The Program
The Process
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Starting a new business or scaling your current business can be a daunting task. 

We have created an 6 week program with an additional overview included that will assist you in reaching your business goals.

These weeks will be filled with intense and purposeful content, which will include:

  • Analyzation of your current business plan and structure

  • Personal Coaching calls

  • Business Setup (If Needed)

  • Access to online webinars and classes

  • One of a kind resources

  • Brand Building

  • Writing/Understanding your Vision and Mission

  • Business Credit

  • Customizable forms for your business

  • Team Buildout (Up to 2 new team members)

  • HR Formation

  • 10% Discount on anything under Fresh Start Global Enterprise (while in the coaching program)

  • The ability to advance to the next level of coaching, but this is an opportunity that you are selected for based upon Dr. Eukeethia's experience with you

The investment for the Small Business Coaching Program is $2,499.00 (This payment can be paid in 2 separate installments of $1300 with the 2nd payment setup on auto pay for 30 days after the initial payment)

Types of Coaching:

Individual Coaching:



VIP Coaching



Elite Coaching


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