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Which Path Would you Like to Explore?

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Tax Courses

Fresh Start Tax Academy is geared towards ensuring that each of our students will come out with the most empowering knowledge, so that they will be equipped to handle all levels of cliental. The best aspect about this academy is that you will have the tools to structure your business, marketing, and much more by reading our newly updated book written by Dr. Eukeethia B. titled, "Ready, Set, Go"

We also believe in collaboration and we have partnered with, some of the best professionals in the industry to bring you so much more!

There will be chances to learn how to add additional revenue as well, as who doesn't need this correct!

There are some Service Bureaus who just don't have the time to train their Affiliates, which should not stop you from expanding your business. With that being said, Fresh Start now offers Affiliate Training for other Service Bureaus.

Everyone will have access to a self paced training which includes a Live Q&A session with Dr. Eukeethia B. & Guests weekly, Basic & Advanced Tax Preparation Training (depending on the package that you select), Access to a FULL Marketing Department, Library and Much Much More!!

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Business and Developmental Courses

Fresh Start is geared towards everyday Business Development Professional Classes, which you will be able to receive exceptional Membership Programs, Standalone Development Classes, & Continuing Education Credits.

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