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Fresh Start 3G

Business Mastermind
Mentorship Program

Empowering Your Business Growth with Expert Guidance and Fresh Insights

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Our Mission

This program provides aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners with the tools, guidance, and support to grow their businesses. Participants will be matched with experienced mentors who will offer personalized advice, feedback, and accountability.

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For $597 only!

Live & Intense Mentorship Program

Start Date: March 13, 2023

(First 20 People will receive a Bonus)


  • Strategic Business Planning for Business Growth & Sustainability

  • Networking with  knowledgeable mentors & peers

  • Gain knowledge on Marketing, Finance, Business Setup, Operations, & Leadership

  • Goal Setting

  • Matrix Reloading (If you've ever taken a course with me, you know that this will blow your mind)

  • Knowing your Analytics

  • AI Ideas

  • Funnel Building

  • Leadership Strategies

  • & Much More

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Inclusion of the following Workbooks:

  • Business Plan Layout

  • Financial Statements Layout

  • Full Hiring Package

  • Project Management Layout

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