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Fresh Start Tax Academy

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Dr. Eukeethia Barnes & Guests

Global Business Strategist & Financial Educator

Here are SOME things that will be included within the Academy:

White Ceiling
  • A Copy of "Ready, Set, Go" eBook to ensure that the student is Business and Marketing ready on a basic scale


  • Workbooks and Modules


  • AFSP Certification


  • Weekly Live Q&A

Enrollment for Fresh Start Tax Academy will commence in September 2023

Basic Need to Know about Tax Knowledge

  • Fundamentals of 1040

  •   1040 - Schedule A

  •   1040 - Schedule B

  •   1040 - Schedule C

  •   1040 - Schedule D

  •   1040 - Schedule E

  •   1040 - Schedule F

  •   1040 X

  •   1040 SR

  •   Circular 230

- Business Strategic Planning

- Swot Analysis

- Bookkeeping & Expense Tracking

- Higher Level Marketing & Branding

- Virtual & Physical Office Setup

- Staffing your Office/Hiring Virtual  Assistants/Outsourcing 

Tax Law Updates

Due Diligence/Client Documentation

Systems & Automations

Elite Customer Service 

Tax Bank Overview


Resolving Common IRS Notices

Crypto Currency

Business Taxes



Business Taxes,

Partnerships, and Non-Profit EZ - Short Form 

Trust and Estates

And Much more...

You can sign up for our waitlist by completing the form provided below

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FS Tax

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