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FS Academy’s Tax Course focuses on enriching students with vast and diverse knowledge about taxes. It serves as an educational & empowerment program for all aspiring/current tax professionals to be more fluent in the necessary information to run their businesses efficiently.


In a 21st-century era of learning, FS Academy envisions its courses to be learner-centered in approach and theory. Hence, students are hands-on towards becoming lifelong learners in an ever-changing industry.

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Tax Courses

Fresh Start Tax Academy is geared towards ensuring that each of our students will come out with the most empowering knowledge, so that they will be equipped to handle all levels of clientele. The best aspect about this academy is that you will have the tools to structure your business, marketing, and much more by reading our newly updated book written by Dr. Eukeethia B. titled, "Ready, Set, Go". The book is included with the purchase of the course.

We also believe in collaboration. With that being said, we have partnered with some of the best professionals in the industry to bring you several levels of information!

There will be chances to learn how to add additional revenue as well, which won't leave you solely relying on tax preparation!

There are some Service Bureaus who just don't have the time to train their Partners, which should not stop them from expanding their business. With that being said, Fresh Start now offers Partner Training for other Service Bureaus! 

Everyone will have access to a Self-Paced training which includes a Live Q&A session with Dr. Eukeethia B. & Guests weekly, Workbooks, Basic & Advanced Tax Preparation Training (depending on the package that you select).


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CEO/Global Business Strategist / Business & Financial Educator

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Tax Fraud and Updated Tax Laws
Category: Main Course

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Crypto Currency
Category: Beyond Course

ruth sellers.png


Automation & Systems
Category: Main Course

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Trusts Funds 
Category: Beyond Course



IRS Cyber Requirements
Category: Main Course

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Business Returns (Corporations, Partnerships, & Non-Profits) & Depreciation
Category: Beyond and Business Return Series Courses 



Bonus Training



Bonus Training

Classes Start in
August 2023


Price: $997

  • A Copy of "Ready, Set, Go" eBook to ensure that the student is Business and Marketing ready on a basic scale

  • Workbooks 

  • AFSP Certification

  • Weekly Live Q&A

Module 1

Orientation - Dr. Eukeethia B.

Basic Need to Know Tax Knowledge - Dr. Eukeethia B.

Module 2

Fundamentals of the 1040 - Dr. Eukeethia B.

1040 - Schedule A

1040 - Schedule B

1040 - Schedule C

Module 3

Fundamentals of the 1040 - Dr. Eukeethia B.

1040 - Schedule D

1040 - Schedule E

1040 - Schedule F


Module 4

1040 X - Dr. Eukeethia B.

1040 SR - Dr. Eukeethia B.

Circular 230 - Dr. Eukeethia B.


Module 5

Tax Law Updates/Tax Fraud/Five Tips to Keep Tax Pros out of Jail - Josie Walton Harris, Esq.

Due Diligence/Client Documentation -Dr. Eukeethia B

Module 6

Systems & Automations:

Ruth Sellers

Elite Customer Service -

Dr. Eukeethia B.

Tax Bank Overview -

Dr. Eukeethia B.


Price: $1997

  • Everything from the "Main Course" is included

Module 7

Depreciation - Nicole Alston

Resolving Common IRS Notices - - Dr. Eukeethia B.

Module 8

Crypto Currency: Tynisa Gaines

Module 9

Business Strategic Planning -

Dr. Eukeethia B.

Swot Analysis - Dr. Eukeethia B.

Module 10

Bookkeeping & Expense Tracking - Lavonne Smith

Higher Level Marketing & Branding - Special Guest

Module 11

Virtual & Physical Office Setup - Dr. Eukeethia B.

Staffing your Office/Hiring Virtual Assistants/Outsourcing -

Dr. Eukeethia B.

Module 12

Business Taxes -

Intro - Dr. Eukeethia B

S-Corp, C-Corp (Completion done in Sections) - Nicole Alston

Module 13

Business Taxes (Continued)

Partnerships, and Non-Profit EZ - Short Form (Completion Done in Sections) - Nicole Alston

Module 14

Trust and Estates - George Dandridge, EA


Price: Only 1997!
(Valued Price of $3497)

* Please be advised that this is an A La Carte course and will need to be purchased separately.


  • Tax laws as they relate to S-Corp election (Dates the election should be made and how to make the election)

  • Financial data needed to file the 1120s

  • How income and expenses are reported Non separately stated – regular trade or business income/expenses Separately stated – income/expenses reported directly to shareholders (K-1)

  • Credits available and how they are reported

  • How to calculate/compute Shareholder’s basis

  • Which forms and/or schedules may be required to file with the Form 1120S


  • Tax laws as they relate to C-Corporation (Date the return is due)

  • Current Tax Rate

  • Credits available and how to report them (Form 3800)

  • Which forms and/or schedules may be required to file with the Form 1120 (Schedules L, M-1, M-2, and M-3)

  • How income and expenses are reported


  • Tax laws as they related to Partnership (Date the return is due)

  • Types of Partnerships ( General, LP, LLP, LLLP) The importance of choosing the correct type

  • How income, expenses, and credits are reported on 1065 Non-Separately stated Separately stated

  • How to calculate/compute Partner’s Capital account


  • Tax laws as they related to Non-Profit Corporations (Date the return is due)

  • Types of Nonprofits Corporation (Non-Profit, Not for Profit)

  • Types of nonprofit tax forms (990N, 990EZ, 990)

  • Financial data needed to file 990 series

  • Different schedules that may be required to file with the tax return

  • How revenue and expenses are reported

  • Explanation of officers, directors, trustees, and key employees - Completion of a 990 (Long Form)


Is There A Refund Policy?

The course is built upon knowledge and knowledge can not be taken away. However, if you decide that you would like a refund you can request one by September 24, 2022 at 11:59 PM and it will be granted. Any refund requests after this time, will not be honored.

Is this course for Beginners, Intermediate, or Advance Tax Professionals?

This course is for ANYONE!! These courses were built out in order to provide knowledge to everyone on any level. Our objective is to elevate you from one level to another by filling you up with the extensive knowledge that you will receive.

Will this course come with software?

No, this is strictly an Academy! However, we do offer software. Just visit and we would love to assist you!

Do you train other offices and other Service Bureau Partners?

Absolutely! We understand that everyone doesn't like to teach, so we are here to assist. This is not geared towards any one company, but more towards knowledge.

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